Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~ ~ 7 DaYS oF LoVe MiSsion ~~

Me Loving Him

Mr Boyfriend is so busy with work lately, and me, well just being ME. Feeling lazy all the times and if that is not enough, I created a new hobby of being a sleepy head. Before the situation gets bad, I decided to spice up our love life. Learning from the experiences (bad one i dare say), I put on a mission called "7 Days Of Love". 7 days of different elements to make sure our love grows stronger. Don't get excited yet, cos it's easy to plan than materialize it. So just stay with me and see how it goes. :)

Day 1 - Declaration

My plan
1. Annoys him, make him angry, being distant and change to silent mode the whole day. Make it worse by refusing to reply his calls and sms.
2. Go back home by myself, change the bedroom to treasure hunt (love notes hunt is better) and wait for him.
3. When he comes back home, annoys him some more till he gets angry and goes to the room and find all the notes.
4. He feels surprise by my wickedness and touch by my romantic plan
5. He grows fonder of me.

It turns out to be
1. I forgot that we have corporate photography session in the office today organized by him, so I am going to see him early in the morning. And he will be asking me to help with the photo sessions. So cant annoy him in the public nor making him angry.
2. Try to change to plan B, he went back to his own office after lunch, so then i turn to silent mode. Didn't reply his sms and when have to, I just answer as shorter as I can with just 'OK' or 'yes' or 'fine'. Plan worked so well. He keep on asking "what's wrong with me", and me...just laugh EVIL-Ly. Hua hua ha ha ha
3.After work I went straight to Subang Parade to get his present for the big night. End up in a shopping spree. So much of nice things that caught my eyes. Ahhh temptation definitely so hard to resist. By the time I finished, it's so hard to get a cab back home, so had to call Mr.Boyfriend to pick me up. (shameful)
4. At home, Nuom Sa the Maid already cook, Mr.Boyfriend went straight to his room and took a really long shower. What the heck, I don't have time for the treasure hunt. When he finally finished, i quickly prepare his dinner and ran upstairs and quickly put all the notes.

Note 1 : at the dressing table - "I make you angry (bathroom mirror next)

Note 2 : At the bathroom mirror - Annoy you (your pillow)

The Present : with 100 love Notes in the jar that he can read everyday for 100 Days

5.Went down and ate dinner, Mr. Boyfriend keep on asking whats wrong. I say I am fine. But feeling restless thinking when he wants to go to the room. I decided i cant wait any longer and being on Silent Mode is so hard. So I asked him where is his phone. "In my pocket", he said. Damn. "You're weird", nice comment. before i going berserk, i asked him to go to the room and checked the mirror. He said,"OK".
6. It took him so long, so I called his cell and asked him whether he found my present, dissapointingly he did not sounds happy. And it turned out that he went straight to the last point, which is the present! He supposed to go through all the notes first.
7. Well he not so touched by my charm (i got spanked cos I make him depressed by my silent mode) but it does make him more sweeter afterwards. So practically it works. :)

Moral of the DECLARATION
1.Make sure your boyfriend or spouse is not MECHANICAL Engineer : too practical to be "touched"
2.Make sure you are not a shopaholic : you get lost along the way.
3.You have to balance it, between making him annoyed, angry or whatever and dropping hints that a surprise is waiting for him, or else things will turn out bad. (Imagine short temper BF)

That is how it goes with the 1st day, wait for 2Nd day agenda.

Later days.....