Friday, February 18, 2011

My Valentine

13.02.2011 - One day before Valentine's
Me: Today my friend got flowers sent to her in the office
Him: Wow, that's great!
Me: I never get flowers. Especially on Valentine's. Even on my graduation day.
Him: Baby...
Me: Its okay, I don't like flowers anyway.
(actually I was just trying to console myself, it's easy to just say I don't like it rather than feel disappointed in not getting any)
That day, after that conversation I feel a bit down. Not because I am disappointed in never getting any flowers but because how UNCOOL it is to be at this age and no man ever think of giving me any flowers.

14.02.2011 - Valentine's Day
Came back from office feeling lousy, mostly because today it's Valentine's Day and most of my officemate got flowers. How sad is that?!! Got in the house and there's FLOWERS on the table for me! I feel shocked, flabbergasted and mostly speechless (half teary), its a big thing for me because HE break the UNCOOL curse. Thank You so much Mr.BF

I love Lilies!!!

The Card

On top of that, he gave me new glasses

Note: I GOT FLOWERS!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catch you doing inventory,

so serious and sexy.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I met Choy San Yeh!

 Last Sunday is my office Auspicious Opening but I am ABSTAINED from attending as I am DOG (born in dog yearS), meaning I wont get big Ang Pow. However, today I met Choy San Yeh, so I should be lucky on the day ahead!

He suddenly appear

Shocked us all

Casted spell on me

His hat keep on knocking my head that I had to duck

Come as God, Leave as Ghost

Note: Happy Chinese New Year to all my blogger friends!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Why Is He Never Jealous?

Me : You know, never ever say other woman is pretty in front of your girlfriend
Him: Why?
Me: We get jealous of things like that
Him: Did you get jealous?
Me: Sometimes, if I don't know that person
Him: Like?
Me: I'm sleepy, good night.
Him: Come on, you started it, tell me who!
Me: Some people that I don't know and don't like
Him: Like my school friends and ex girlfriends? Come on, it so long ago and ex is 'EX'
Me: How do you feel if I say "Ooooh she is sooooo pretty, she likes goddess to my eyes!"
Him: What? I just trying to tell you how boy that age would feel, and you also always tell about how good looking and handsome your friends are, some are too handsome to be straight that they have to be gay!
Me: Are you kidding me? You know I didn't mean it that way!
Him: Baby, you know you are pretty to me, I am just telling how I feel when I am a boy that time, I don't feel they are pretty anymore now.
Me: Okay, but you should feel glad that I am jealous, that's mean I love you and don't want to share your attention
Him: I know..
Me: Don't you get jealous or feel anything if I talk to other guys?
Him: I feel it but I know who you are so its okay
Me: But do you get jealous?
Him: I wish you give me some attention sometimes if we are with friends
Me: Okay, but jealous?

Note: I don't want possessive Bf but jealous could be good once in a while, make me feel that he doesn't want to share me with anyone. I do get jealous, but for good reason.And jealous make me wants to be better for him. So jealous is good as long as it brings you closer.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Malacca Trip 04-06.02.2011

We decided to go to Malacca for Chinese New Year!
I choose Malacca because it always make me nostalgic, not that it has anything to do with me but because Malacca is full of historical places, its like going back to a different time. Amazing, really.
Mr.BF training for F1
My colorful nails
Camwhore 1 - Ms smiley
Camwhore 2 - Ms Laughey
Jonker's Street
My brother and Dhia 
Damia sleeping 
Camwhore 3 - Ms Lippy 
Key, Dhia and Damia 
Malacca Street 
This shop remind me of my time in Taiping
Dhia and Damia during boat ride in Malacca River 
Mr Bf on the way up to St Paul Church 
On the Way to St Paul Church
the Ruined of St Paul Church 
I don't know what this thing called but you can see the whole Malacca from it, like a ring tower or something.
A Famosa 
the old train 
the old plane
Dhia getting sleepy