Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Eat Adam Levine!

If I am Cannibal I eat Adam Levine! 

This photo got nothing to do with what I want to write this morning. First of all I am not cannibal and second of all, he too delicious maybe I just make him dessert. Anyway these few days, I've been busy learning how to speak Afrikaans for my trip. I came across few iPhone's softwares that can teach people how to speak other language, name it whether it's French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin and even Malay. But this particular software, Pocket Polyglot - Afrikaans is really good as it comes with flashcard and test so you know how well you doing.

Pocket Polyglot

I am so impress with iPhone really its like hail all the way to heaven! So excuse me now, I need to continue my Afrikaans test (or maybe see Adam Levine latest video I"ll never leave this bed again)

Sien jou later!