Friday, May 27, 2011

Will You Let Your Husband / Boyfriend to DRESS you? : 6th Day

This is the final outfit for "Will You Let Your Husband / Boyfriend to DRESS you?", actually this is what I wore yesterday, today I don't fancy any picture because of over-eating during lunch time that make me look like a blob fish. I attached the picture of the fish if you don't get the idea of how blob fish looks like.

Note: picture is totally irrelevant to the topic.

Back to the outfit, when I asked Mr.BF yesterday of what I should wear, he said long dress (again), then I told him i don't feel like wearing a dress, he actually a bit taken aback that I don't want to wear it while showing the face that probably means "You-Not-Suppose-To-Have-A-Choice". Finally he said wear some button shirt with the pants that we bought during Asia Water Exhibition. So here I am with the outfit. That Exhibition was held last year April when I am wearing size 4 or S, now that I gained some little weight (however I'm going to prove that this fact is going to be disputed), the pants is too tight for me. So yesterday, after lunch time I change to a very cozy pants that cost me RM100.00 (that is the price of trying to look cozy nowadays I must say). Now lets go to the total price of this outfit.

Top : Miss Cindy RM49.90 from F.O.S
Pants : Padini Work RM110.00 from Padini
Scarf : No Brand RM20.00 from KL Central

the Verdict:
This look is totally professional. Like it

After a week that I asked Mr.BF to dress me, I found that:
1. He is totally into long dress
2. He likes sexy stockings
3. This kind of task is giving him pressure

If I want to be the best girlfriend, should not ask him to do this kind of decision making frequently. Period.


  1. 3. This kind of task is giving him pressure

    i agree with this point! Hahaha, i'm always in this pressure :P