Monday, May 23, 2011

Will You Let Your Husband / Boyfriend to DRESS you? : 3rd Day

3rd Day is MONDAY! I am always a bit blue on Monday, and today I think Mr.BF idea is angelic (maybe) because everything is white I am a bit hesitant when he asked me to wear this but nevertheless I did. What do you think of it?

Top : ONLY RM 49.90 from F.O.S
Pants : No Brand RM15 bought from Flea Market
Shoe : Westropper RM153.00 from Socks, Times Square
Pendant : Gift from Friend
Belt : No Brand RM30.00 from Times Square

The Verdict:
Although it is not too bad but it looks too casual for me to wear on Monday. Somehow the shoes make me feel like a rapper.


  1. overall is good. but the heavy shoes spoil the look :P purely personal opinion ya...

  2. The shoes looks more like the safety boots i wear for work.He!he!

  3. @jamie: hahahah ditto
    @thomas: it is a safety boots! ha ha

  4. the footware doesnt match la :P