Monday, May 30, 2011

How I Met Your Father

Next month June I will be seeing Mr.BF's kids in S.Africa. I am pretty nervous. First of all, I know that it will be hard for them and second of all, I am worried that I might screwed up the vacation. Other than that, I am perfectly trying to be as in-compose as I can be. What if they dont like me, what if they expect me to be something I am not, what if they ask me HOW I MET their father.
Should I tell them that it's my flirtatious laugh that stole his attention. The way I laugh and pouted my lips talking to him, signaling that he cant get better than that. Should I terrified them by saying that it's my way of dressing that make him looked. The way that my body clinged to the very tight of swimming suit that I can find for the event. Or maybe I can make them cringe in self vomit by saying it's love at first sight. How we are fated in the circles of life to be just, a lover.
People say the easiest way to children heart is by being yourself and being honest. So maybe instead of telling them all the cheesiest stuff of how I met their father, I should just tell them that it just me that fancy him, from the start. It's the smile that I remembered, from the first time I ever met him. He didnt even knew I was existed. I fancy that smile that much that I forgot manners by asking stranger who he is.
It's his eyes that I can't forget that I keep looking for him the second time we were in the same place.
It's his charisma that I heard from other people so many times that make me wait for the time for him to know me to come.
Then he met me.
I knew we not so different the moment we talk. I knew that I can love him. I knew that he is right for me.
I might not be perfect but I will love him and his kids perfectly.
So, that is how I Met Your Father.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Will You Let Your Husband / Boyfriend to DRESS you? : 6th Day

This is the final outfit for "Will You Let Your Husband / Boyfriend to DRESS you?", actually this is what I wore yesterday, today I don't fancy any picture because of over-eating during lunch time that make me look like a blob fish. I attached the picture of the fish if you don't get the idea of how blob fish looks like.

Note: picture is totally irrelevant to the topic.

Back to the outfit, when I asked Mr.BF yesterday of what I should wear, he said long dress (again), then I told him i don't feel like wearing a dress, he actually a bit taken aback that I don't want to wear it while showing the face that probably means "You-Not-Suppose-To-Have-A-Choice". Finally he said wear some button shirt with the pants that we bought during Asia Water Exhibition. So here I am with the outfit. That Exhibition was held last year April when I am wearing size 4 or S, now that I gained some little weight (however I'm going to prove that this fact is going to be disputed), the pants is too tight for me. So yesterday, after lunch time I change to a very cozy pants that cost me RM100.00 (that is the price of trying to look cozy nowadays I must say). Now lets go to the total price of this outfit.

Top : Miss Cindy RM49.90 from F.O.S
Pants : Padini Work RM110.00 from Padini
Scarf : No Brand RM20.00 from KL Central

the Verdict:
This look is totally professional. Like it

After a week that I asked Mr.BF to dress me, I found that:
1. He is totally into long dress
2. He likes sexy stockings
3. This kind of task is giving him pressure

If I want to be the best girlfriend, should not ask him to do this kind of decision making frequently. Period.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will You Let Your Husband / Boyfriend to DRESS you? : 5th Day

This morning when I asked Mr.BF of what should I wear, he said short dress and stocking. This dress is mega short so I have to be careful with it, over bending will resulted in showing too much.

Top : Nicci RM 49.90 Jusco Equine Park
Pashmina : RM20 Times Square
Shoes and stocking is like Friday and Saturday outfit.

the Verdict:
I like it but it too short that I just sit on the chair all day long.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Will You Let Your Husband / Boyfriend to DRESS you? : 4th Day

Yesterday is all white, so today morning when I asked Mr.Bf what he prepared for me, he said all black. I think he started to feel the pressure of dressing me, ha ha that is exactly what I want (bemused).

Top : No Brand RM49.90 from Plaza Damas
Leggings : ROMP from ROMP Alpha Angle
Belt : No Brand RM15 from Times Square
Peep Toe Heels : Vincci RM59.90 from Vincci
Accessories : Armani Charm Bracelet gift from Idol Armani
No Brand Necklace from Times Square

The Verdict:
I love this look! It is quite safe actually, I always wear something like this, so maybe today he just copied one of my look.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Will You Let Your Husband / Boyfriend to DRESS you? : 3rd Day

3rd Day is MONDAY! I am always a bit blue on Monday, and today I think Mr.BF idea is angelic (maybe) because everything is white I am a bit hesitant when he asked me to wear this but nevertheless I did. What do you think of it?

Top : ONLY RM 49.90 from F.O.S
Pants : No Brand RM15 bought from Flea Market
Shoe : Westropper RM153.00 from Socks, Times Square
Pendant : Gift from Friend
Belt : No Brand RM30.00 from Times Square

The Verdict:
Although it is not too bad but it looks too casual for me to wear on Monday. Somehow the shoes make me feel like a rapper.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Will You Let Your Husband / Boyfriend to DRESS you? : 2nd Day

Today is 2nd day, as it is Saturday (I'm working on Saturday, Lame right?), so his idea is casual and sexy.

Top : Miss Cindy, RM49.90 from F.O.S
Jeans : Guess Jeans, RM289 from Guess KLCC
Shoe : U.R.S & Inc, RM70.00 from Sogo
Belt : No Brand, RM15.00 from Times Square

The Verdict:
I love this look, will definitely wear it again.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Will You Let Your Husband / Boyfriend to DRESS you?

This week me and Mr.Bf are in the mood of dressing each other (actually it's more on the order from me). My purpose is to know how best he looks at me and how he likes me with. So, today is the first day and he choose for me this.

I just bought this dress two days back in Times Square. It is spaghetti strap dress comes in 2 lining with the inner is knee length short and the outer is ankle length. Because he wants it to be more formal for office, he choose this short cardigan to cover my shoulder and arms. This dress is quite see through so he choose netting stocking for me to wear inside and complete the look with the flower necklace.
The Verdict:
I never thought of wearing this dress as formal wear but it is quite nice, I think I look descent. The only thing is because this dress is long so people cant really see the net stockings so it is a bit overdressed. Overall, I think I will wear this again.

Note: wait for tomorrow looks!

Fashion Book - Office Look 19.05.2011

Top : No brand RM15 from Times Square
Pants : Tiramisu RM49.90 from Ebay
Belt : No brand RM15 from Times Square
Scarf : Pashmina gift from friend from China

Top : No brand RM30 from Times Square
Legging : Top Shop RM30
Belt: Scarf No Brand from Times Square (comes with top)
Necklace : No brand RM10 Times Square
Wood Bangle : No Brand gift from friend from S.Africa

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Being A Mother

I read few amazing stories of mothers on the net today, make me teary and thinking, Am I a good mother? Am I a good daughter to my mother,? Am I a good granddaughter to my grandmother? The truth is, it is never an answer. Each question that I asked myself ended up with reasons not quite the cause. But one thing for sure, being a mother doesn't make you a good daughter or grand daughter but will always make you the best in your children's interest. So I can understand that my mother or even my grandmother will never expect me to be the best daughter or granddaughter in the world, but they can be proud if I am the best mother to my children. Mother's love, it is beautiful in a way that it does not only benefit you but the whole world! Thanks mak and opah, for making it possible for me to love, unconditionally.

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. ~Sophia Loren,Women and Beauty

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I want these Coats!

p/s: Mr BF please take note.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2nd Year Anniversary!

Last Monday is Me and Mr.Bf, 2nd anniversary. It feels like only yesterday I laid eyes on him.
2 years, I can tell that there are so much that we still figuring out about each other and yet there are so many things that we learned and kind of expert about each other too. For these 2 years, I am glad that I am by his side, sharing each day story and learning about life. There's no one that I rather substituted with to have this journey. 
Ek is Lief Vier Jou.

we barbecued for the Anniversary

he bought me flowers

Side by Side, Year by Year