Thursday, March 31, 2011

To Fart or Not To Fart

Some people say the secret to a happy relationship / marriage is to be able to fart in each other's company. Jenny McCarthy (former Playboy Playmate) said that she fart right away on the first date. That is commendable actually to open up to your partner to that level. I find it interesting and for me it shows that if you can actually fart in front of him, means that you can share with him everything even your biggest embarrassment. Why I said "in front of him" is because, normally guys don't really have problem farting in front of girls (happened to me few times)
Last week it so happen that me and Mr.Bf have a talk about this. I am a bit windy last week (too much of durian), so everytime that he wants to tickle me (punishment of my wrong doings), I threaten him that I will fart. Never did that though. As much as I want to open up to him, I don't think that I am ready yet to just let go of my "careless whisper". On the other hand, when he actually sleeping, I did fart few times but of course I will make sure that he is sounds asleep (whether he can listen to it or not, I don't know), and he confessed he did that also to me. So my point is, it is up to the couples themselves whether they are comfortable to do it in front of each other. Some people find it totally gross, but some find it a way of sharing themselves with the partner. Whatever it is, always remember that it is good to be able to laugh at yourself. Guys find it interesting!

In case you want to learn how to actually f.a.r.t, the leaning position always work!


  1. Depend on the level of "stingness" of the fart la. If that day is very very very smelly one, better do it in toilet, not in front of other half, because don't want to call ambulance :P

  2. hahahhaha yeah i agree with uncle