Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When We First Met

When we first met,
I am stupid, I am wild, I am forbidden.
You're nice, lonely and different.
When I looked at you, I am sure.
I know that my feeling is pure.
We are wise and stronger
There's nothing that we cant do together
So take my hand and make a promise
That you will always treasure this.

Port Dickson, 2009
this was the first moment that we actually meet and talk

I created our team song - Fun Fun Fantastic, HOOOOOO

When I won 1st place badminton, you are so surprised. I remember you came to my table to congratulate me. I am so fit those days..

You're caught as Ah Bad. I tried to defend you though.

Before we going out for our "date", I am so nervous.

the last day we are both so "LOST"

Even we met each other in unexpected ways, I love it. I know it is Fate and I am totally grateful.
Ek is lief vir jou.

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