Thursday, April 28, 2011

Places That I Want to Visit

The other day me and Mr.Bf were talking about the places that we want to visit one day. There are few wonderful places in this world that I want to see before I kick the bucket. Its funny because sometimes I dream about these places, and it feels so real like I already been there. Deja vu right? So lets hear it!

1. South Africa
The fact that Mr.Bf is from there is one of the reason that I choose it. But the main reason I want to go there because South Africa has a Malay community that being brought during war time to become farmers. And they don't know how to speak Malay. Some of the dishes are still showing Malay traditional culture, so it feels close to my heart. And it is a very beautiful place!

"I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself"
Nelson Mandela

Cape Town Waterfront

Just imagine it's me there (minus the lion) wink wink

p/s: I'm going there in June, yippee! (keep my finger cross!)

2. Turkey
This Eurasian country is full of historical place to visit. The ruined of Troy is enough to described this place. I will definitely try the bath and the famous ice cream.

The Temple of Artemis (the Greek Goddess / The Virgin Huntress / Apollo Twin)

Palace Cistern (this is underground water storage)

Hagia Sophia (this is used to be Orthodox Christian Church then it was changed to a Mosque now they change it to museum)

The Public Toilet (it is amazing to know that public toilet has been there in the history for Turkey, and you have to pay to use it, really civilized!)

The House of Virgin Mary

3. Pompeii, Naples
The city of Pompeii was buried and destroyed during the volcano eruption. 
This is the people of Pompeii that being casted by the lava, the actual already being removed and placed in the museum.

Street of Pompeii

4. Egypt
Nothing is more majestic than Egypt. City of pyramids, thousand of minaret and Nile River. Majestic!

5. Jordan
When I was 14. one of my friend went to Jordan and bring back a vial of dead sea water for me to taste, it is unbelievably and unforgettably bile. The Dead sea is the lowest point on earth and about nine time saltier than the normal sea. You actually wont submerge in the dead sea and there is no living thing inside it. Amazing!
The Dead Sea

The Ancient City of Petra

the Roman ruins


  1. wah! these are world class sites
    where everyone would dream of going to.

  2. yeah i hope i can visit all these place one day