Thursday, January 28, 2010


I had a small family gathering last Sunday in Tg.Malim (my aunt house) to celebrate my uncle's and niece's birthday. Since my grandparents were there, I brought the kids and asked Mr.Boyfriend to tag along. Its been lovely, the foods are good and we joked and talked for long hours.
Since the next day is Monday, we left early around 8.00pm. On the way back, Mr. Boyfriend shocked me by saying that I don't appreciate him. I asked him what makes him thinks so. He said because when we go out seeing friends or family, I never pay attention to him. and sometimes, i just don't attend to his needs, like i don't cook breakfast for him anymore, I don't bring him coffee anymore and when he talks i fall asleep (actually this one is quite too much i think, but sometimes he tells the story so many times that i know it by words, so its not that i don't listen, i just do some thinking with close eyes.)
I think it's not fair for him to say that i don't appreciate him. Sometimes i just have so much in my head that I put other things first before him. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate him or totally ignore him. And there were some times that I put him first above other things. Like when he was sick with Chikunguya, or when he was down and missed Jeanie and John M or when he was blue. Maybe different people has different kind of way in showing their appreciation. But one thing for sure, I love him.and thats what really counts.

Thin White Lies

I am telling the truth

Went to Sunway Club with Mr.Boyfriend last Tuesday. Since my tummy is getting bigger, i realized i need to do something for it before people mistaken me of being pregnant. So , in the morning i prepared everything, his swimming clothes, my swimming clothes (only then i realize it's about time i buy a new one). He had work at HQ today, so we went back together and headed straight to Sunway Club.
When everything was ready, I realized that the pool is quite deep, so i asked him whether my toes can touch the base, frowningly he answered, "of course sweetie...", i said "Fine, lets swim now". Then, he asked me,"can you swim, baby?"
i said,"of course!"
"then why did u asked whether your toes can touch the base?"
Bang! i was caught red handed.
The truth is, I don't know whether paddling a few meters can be considered as swimming. But that is all I know. and I think if I really have to save myself in a situation that require me to swim, i'll survive. But after me and Mr.Boyfriend had a talk about my swimming ability, now I'm not sure anymore. So, he teaches me few basic things on swimming. Which I think I mastered already.
After one hour we were there, he suggested we go home. on the way back, i said,
"I am such a big fat liar, dont I?"
he said, "yeah...I wonder what else you been hiding from me"
"I think its kind of cute, so you have so much to discover"
"Baby, there's nothing cute about lies"
However hard i try to make my lies look cute to him, i think he wont fall for it. So, I have to eat my own lies and make it true. So, the first lies to be eaten is swimming. Hmmm. really wish paddling will be considered swimming now...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

questionnaire copy from flo.....

I read my friend's Florance blog today and came across some questionnaire. thought it be fun to answer and share it with her. here it goes...

1) Where is your cell phone?
just on my desk, now its ok to put my hp outside my handbag, before this when i still using my disable phone (with rubber band holding the battery from falling), it will raise too much of questions, so i just leave it inside my bag.

2) Relationship?
I have a gwailo bf that is an exercise junkie and into healthy things (brown sugar, muesli bar, malt, red wine...). I guess i am blessed.

3) Your hair?
i had black hair for a year, now since its New Year, i changed the colour to copper gold blond. Wish i can keep it long, tired of bob already.

4) work?
In my job position, it stated that I am Engineer, but work wise i dont know if the things that I do now is still in the scope or totally in the wrong position.

5) Your sisters?
I am the eldest, i have two sisters, Ida (banker cum expecting mom) and Anis (policewoman, gold digger and last thing I heard she's getting married, dont ask me..)

6) Your favorite thing?
I love music. Its the only thing that can keep me at peace

7) Your dream last night?
Curry Puff. dont know why, maybe been so long didnt eat it.

8) Your favorite drink?

9) Your dream car?
Phew.....1st of all is Jaguar S Class (they put in the add "nice car for woman"), when i was 10, my dream car is Alpha Romeo 147 in flashing red (lovely), When I am 12 i changed to Ford Lynx Hatchback (dreamt about driving it once in yellow).Now it just Jaguar, but since its so ridiculously expensive I think i will settle for Mazda 3 Sedan.

10) Your shoes?
I am not so particular about shoes, as long as its comfy and nice, i'll wear it.

11) Your fears?
I am having fears of not knowing. So i hate surprises, and also phobia of roller coaster, bungee jumping and anything that will make me unsure of how am i after that.

12) What do you want to be in 10 years?
The best Columnist in town, I am into writing but I guess dont have time to write something brilliant.

13) Who did you hang out with last weekend?
Mr Boyfriend and guy from developer, having drinks In Thai Bar.

14) What are you not good at?
I don't have green hands, whatever I plant will sure die, and I'm not good at sewing, bargaining price, and hiding my anger.

15) One of your wish list items?
That Malaysian will be more open minded.

16) Where you grew up?
In a small town in Perak called Lenggong.

17) Last thing you did?
Paint a picture for Mr.Boyfriend

18) What are you wearing?
Company Shirt - 8 Core Values.

19) What aren’t you wearing?
Eye Liner (In a rush)

20) Your pet?
2 dogs - Abby and Puppy
3 Cats - De La Ray, Snow White and Spot
4 Chickens - Elvis, Sophie, Daisy and Priscilla

21) Your computer?
Desktop in office - the always hang Windows Vista,
Desktop at home - retarded with not so nice sound

22) Your life?
It is Simple, with so many conflicts that created by other people but diverse with lots of colours and fun when it comes to me.

23) Missing?
not having time for my grand parents

24) What are you thinking about right now?
that i have so much to achieve

25) Your car?
I used to own Proton Waja then it repossessed by the bank...sadly...

26) Your kitchen?
is mixed with Asian and south Afrikaans cuisine

27) Your favorite color?
depends on my mood

28) Last time you laughed?
just now when I called my cousin and pretend to be someone from the bank.

29) Last time you cried?
last night when i missed my grandparents.

30) School?
Sek. Keb. Lenggong, Sek. Men Raja Per. Taayah, Sek. Men. Teknik Leboh Cator.

31) Love?
Is when you can be yourself with the person who you are in love

Thursday, January 14, 2010

let it grow

tree of love

Last week finished painting for Mr.Boyfriend (i am surprised, it only took me 2 days). Its not really nice, i am not professional mind you. But i like the combination of the colors on the canvas. natural colors; green, yellow and brown on blue background. when the light touch it, u can see that somehow it illuminates. (sound like bragging now, don't i?).

Anyway, hope that Mr. Boyfriend going to like it. It's my first painting. So it's not much. I paint a tree because it's a symbol of life, something that grows, like my love to him, with so much of leaves and twigs going in different directions that shows life full of phases, and small flowers which means that even in difficulties, there always happiness blooms if we know how to make the best out of it. The blue backgrounds means it doesn't matter where we coming from, what our past were, it's how we emerged from it!