Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thin White Lies

I am telling the truth

Went to Sunway Club with Mr.Boyfriend last Tuesday. Since my tummy is getting bigger, i realized i need to do something for it before people mistaken me of being pregnant. So , in the morning i prepared everything, his swimming clothes, my swimming clothes (only then i realize it's about time i buy a new one). He had work at HQ today, so we went back together and headed straight to Sunway Club.
When everything was ready, I realized that the pool is quite deep, so i asked him whether my toes can touch the base, frowningly he answered, "of course sweetie...", i said "Fine, lets swim now". Then, he asked me,"can you swim, baby?"
i said,"of course!"
"then why did u asked whether your toes can touch the base?"
Bang! i was caught red handed.
The truth is, I don't know whether paddling a few meters can be considered as swimming. But that is all I know. and I think if I really have to save myself in a situation that require me to swim, i'll survive. But after me and Mr.Boyfriend had a talk about my swimming ability, now I'm not sure anymore. So, he teaches me few basic things on swimming. Which I think I mastered already.
After one hour we were there, he suggested we go home. on the way back, i said,
"I am such a big fat liar, dont I?"
he said, "yeah...I wonder what else you been hiding from me"
"I think its kind of cute, so you have so much to discover"
"Baby, there's nothing cute about lies"
However hard i try to make my lies look cute to him, i think he wont fall for it. So, I have to eat my own lies and make it true. So, the first lies to be eaten is swimming. Hmmm. really wish paddling will be considered swimming now...

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