Saturday, October 29, 2011

Old Already But Don't Have License!!!!

For whatever reason given, there are no denying that driving licence is necessary. Even in your job application you have to state there what kind of licence you have. So, BOOOOOO to anyone who doesn't have license. I take this opportunity to urge everyone here especially woman, PLEASE GO for driving license!

Actually, I just registered myself last week. At 29 years old? I know, lame right? But I promised you I am not the oldest people there! So it is not too late guys!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

So What if I Have A Big Feet?!!

You know what they said about a person who have big feet?

They wear big shoes of course!

If I am happened to be the other "dominating chauvinist gender", maybe I won't mind having a big feet, but as a gentle young lady, it is actually not preferrable to have big feet. Look how they describe people with big feet, the ugly step sister in Cinderella, they all are well..ugly. Oh and the hassle that you have to go through in finding shoes that you want! Always I come across a few shoes that I am dying to have, pointed stilettos (who doesn't), sexy boots, shoes the kind of Lady Gaga best friend etc etc etc, but it turns out that they don't have my size. Few of the sales girl or worse, sales guy that give me this look that screamed "you not so gentle lady with big feet", and some are even nastier by trying to shove my feet in shoes that are meant for baby I think!

I guess it will be easier if I live in western country, with everyone wearing big shoes, I will look 2 times smaller!

My pointed red stilettos are size 9! embarrassing....

Monday, October 24, 2011

This Is Love..

Your boyfriend make breakfast for your birthday.

With Heartshape tomato ketchup somemore!

Stomach Flu

After my birthday celebration the other day, I was down with Stomach Flu. It is horrendous. It feels like gastric attack but somehow you lost appetite and moody. I was crying and crying. Then Mr.Bf brought me to the doctor and he confirmed it. Hmm.... should be careful when eating out next time.

do the fetus position, it helps.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Very "Happy" Birthday

I was supposed to update you guys on the birthday topic but then i fell sick to the core weeks after that, alas better late than never right! I can say that my birthday this year is well presented by Mr.Bf in a thoughtful way. What ever Lola wants Lola gets! To all friends (and foes) that did remember, thanks millions! and hope you guys have a nice day!

 Roses from Mr. Bf

He also gave me matching flower to wear to mark me as birthday girl!  
(confound those who found it OTT, lol)

With my besties that did the honor to dance with moi

P/s: Thanks Nuffnang for 4 free movie tickets! We watched Johnny English! Freaken hilarious!