Saturday, October 29, 2011

Old Already But Don't Have License!!!!

For whatever reason given, there are no denying that driving licence is necessary. Even in your job application you have to state there what kind of licence you have. So, BOOOOOO to anyone who doesn't have license. I take this opportunity to urge everyone here especially woman, PLEASE GO for driving license!

Actually, I just registered myself last week. At 29 years old? I know, lame right? But I promised you I am not the oldest people there! So it is not too late guys!!!!


  1. Hai!!!follow you!!!:) nice blog actually...

  2. Hi, i must agree everyone must learn how to drive. It would be great if we can be tested on driving an auto instead of a manual operated car. Pls drop by to read my story for Halloween.

  3. ateyana & most desirable: thanks for visiting.