Saturday, June 26, 2010

benson & hedges

when Semporna is finished...

try Benson & Hedges for a change

Thursday, June 24, 2010

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


(I write this for your birthday, its kind of a present from me, so....don't get angry , OK....)

1.He is an Exercise Junkie : meaning if he doesn't exercise he get EMOTIONAL. Exercise got the same effect for him like girls with shopping.and don't try to stop him from exercising...its not a pretty idea, and yes it WILL get personal

Mr.Bf exercising

2.He LOVES frowning. When he thinks, he frowns, when he angry he frowns, when he confuse, he frowns.

3.He hates karaoke. actually i think i know why, deep down he wants to be a singer but maybe being a singer is not manly enough so he rather be a wrestler.

4.He likes vibrant colors, concern about his looks, wants people to think he's cool and likes to be popular especially with girls.

5.He get bored easily but enjoy good conversation. Appreciates art, hates pollution and loves dancing.

6. He has these weird looking feet that always give him back ache when he wear wrong shoes.

With all his kind of attitudes, he is extremely charming guy that is fun to be with, and with him I always feel special. i am not done with my discovery on him, but i'm not worried because I decided to have my rather whole life finding out!

:: YAWNing..... ::

need my sleep now

5.00am wake up
5.30am sent Mr.BF to the door (taxi picking him up to KLIA)
6.00am take shower
7.00am Off to work


Monday, June 7, 2010

:: what i like about you ::

"what about me you love the most"
(A demand over Maxis SMS)
"you with me and your laugh that bubbles"
"not good enough, really!"
(insistence like KL heat)
"it needs to be a letter and long!"

actually it started with hangman
one year ago in port dickson
i was bored, she was sharp and sexy
(forbidden fruit)

but then we shared enough
to realize we are not that different
(she disclosed information like a trained negotiator)

suddenly she's my girlfriend - just like that

maybe it's the way she waits on me
(like the night watchmen in the morning)
maybe it's the way she loves me
(with her body and soul)
or maybe it's her busy-ness
(because i feel myself in it)

but i still think what i like the most...
is her bubbly laugh


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

:: Seas Of Zeal ::

I would not have thought then
That a laugh and a flirt
could transform to trembling passion;
a girl-like step and manner
into warm ecstasy
but now I should be careful
because this exotic girl,
could become an obsession
(be calm, seas of zeal)

" I Miss You "

I miss LOOKING at your eyes,
I miss HUGGING you from behind,
I miss KISSING your wet lips,
I miss RUNNING my hand through your hair,
I miss YOU.

I dont miss you at all,
except for your laugh
and of course your eyes,
maybe way you stand against me,
and touch my face,
maybe how you tease me
and make as if you are strict.
and most of all, the way you love me...
but other than that, I dont want to miss you at all