Monday, June 7, 2010

:: what i like about you ::

"what about me you love the most"
(A demand over Maxis SMS)
"you with me and your laugh that bubbles"
"not good enough, really!"
(insistence like KL heat)
"it needs to be a letter and long!"

actually it started with hangman
one year ago in port dickson
i was bored, she was sharp and sexy
(forbidden fruit)

but then we shared enough
to realize we are not that different
(she disclosed information like a trained negotiator)

suddenly she's my girlfriend - just like that

maybe it's the way she waits on me
(like the night watchmen in the morning)
maybe it's the way she loves me
(with her body and soul)
or maybe it's her busy-ness
(because i feel myself in it)

but i still think what i like the most...
is her bubbly laugh


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