Saturday, December 5, 2009

I remember...

Note: this post is written in a very emotional day of mine. Cautions while reading needed.
I remember,
we used to talk about anything. Hopes, dreams, sadness, guilty, craziness, politic, sex, idiocracy, works, people, everything. Now, we still talk a lot, but by me ended up sulking and you feeling angry and hurt.

I remember,
we used to listen, and asked if we feel something is wrong. We believe in each other reasons and try to understand on each other decisions. Now, we make assumptions and resent.

If you be the Sun, i will be clouds and make you complete,
If you be the Moon, i will be the stars and keep you company,
If you be the Desert, i will be the wind and shape you into dune,
if you be the River, I will be the rock, so i can feel you brush into me.

In love, everybody hurts and live. I am human which perfections seems impossible and flaws here and there, If i am wrong, take my hand, and tell me where to correct. Being close to you sometimes make me forget when it is not OK to just do things my way. Deep inside me, i feel for you strongly, forgive me love for being stupid, but don't say you love me less on it. Because i am human, and i remember..

Friday, December 4, 2009

You, Me and Sinusitis (oh and cats)

I am always a dog person. Even born in dog years. But since I'm with Mr. Boyfriend, I don't mind cat either. Only bit annoyed when they circling my legs and rub the fur all over me and honestly, i like it when they scratch the sofa, make him angry (sorry...). When he told me that he is about to get rid of the cats, i am feeling down, this is so not me, i supposed to feel happy but I'm not. Maybe I start to love them, as much as Abby and Puppy. We have three cats at home, De La Ray (the Ginger), Snow White (picture) and another one that doesn't really has name, spotted with orange and black and a little white, so I call him Spot.
I understand that he also loves them, but since his sinusitis is getting really bad now, there's not much we can do and the only option is to get rid of the cats. Maybe find some people that really into cats and donate them.
Since i don't have so much things to do in the office today, i Wikipedia on Sinusitis, and how it is affected from cat. Quite interesting really, maybe because i don't really have a clue about it, only the fact that people who have it sneeze every 5 minutes and wheeze through their nose. (must be bad for image if you are a girl, imagine a girl who talk wheezily).
Sinusitis is a condition consisting of infection or inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (what the hell is this?), which may be as a result of infection, from bacterial, fungal, viral, allergic or autoimmune issues.Sinusitis can be classified by the sinus cavity which can cause pain or pressure in the cheek area (toothache, headache), area behind, between or above eyes. Recent theories also showed that sinusitis is often occurs as part of a spectrum of diseases that affect the respiratory tract (airway) and is often linked to asthma. All forms of sinusitis may either result in a generalized inflammation of the airway so other airway symptoms such as cough may be associated with it.The symptoms of sinusitis can resemble those of a common cold or flu. Symptoms include excessive sneezing, a runny nose, a headache, the inability to breathe through the nose, and pressure around an individual’s head and eyes.A person can also have a low fever with sinusitis. Blocked nasal passageways will make it difficult to breathe. The blockage can cause pain and discomfort, especially around the ears. An excess of mucus will be produced by the nose and throat. The pain and discomfort may make the individual irritable (that explain your grumpiness). They may also lose their sense of smell and taste (now i wonder if it is wise to ask you whether i smell or whether my cooking taste good).
Since Mr.Boyfriend firm on his belief that cat is the caused, i checked on Cat Allergy. Cat allergy is an allergic reaction to one or more of the five known allergens produced by cats. The most common of these is cat glycoprotein, secreted by the cat's sebaceous glands. It is mostly found in the cat's skin and saliva. An allergic reaction is a histamine reaction that is usually characterized by coughing, wheezing, chest tightening, itching, nasal congestion, rash, watering eyes, sneezing and similar symptoms (all well linked to sinusitis).
Allergic reaction to cats can be lessened most successfully by minimizing exposure to the animals, frequent handwashing and avoiding touching eyes or other sensitive areas is advisable. Minimizing upholstery, rugs and draperies in which the allergen can accumulate in the home is another strategy. Barring the cat from certain rooms (in particular the bedroom or other rooms where much time is spent) or limiting it to the outdoors is also partially successful. Finally, some allergy sufferers find relief in periodic injection therapy designed to stimulate the body's natural immune responses to the cat allergen (wow, this is genius, but will it work?)
I think all the suggestion is practically done in our home, but his sinusitis seems in no way to leave him alone. Furthermore, because he is on Histamine, he seems sleepy all the time and fatigue. and of course i checked on Histamine too.
Histamine is a biogenic amine involved in local immune responses as well as regulating physiological function in the gut and acting as a neurotransmitter. Histamine triggers the inflammatory response. Although the effect of histamine is not alarming, but it explains few things that happened to him lately. According to research, Histamine which is released as a neurotransmitter, is known to modulate sleep. It is also suggested that histamine controls by the mechanism by which is learning and memories are forgotten.
Well, I really wish that all of us will find an amicable solution soon, and that Mr.Boyfriend don't really have to consume so much of Histamine. Anyway, i read that there is a natural way to control sinusitis by using Raw Vegetables Juices. Here is the recipe:
1.Mix together 300 ml of carrot juice with 200 ml of spinach juice and 100 ml each of cucumber juice and beet juice.
2.Drink this mixture daily until the symptoms subside.
Fruits and other foods that are high in vitamin A are also an effective way to treat sinusitis. These foods include mangoes, pumpkin, papaya, carrots, and whole milk.

I don't know whether this is working, but no harm in trying. So, Raw Vegetables Juice Mission, here I come!