Saturday, December 5, 2009

I remember...

Note: this post is written in a very emotional day of mine. Cautions while reading needed.
I remember,
we used to talk about anything. Hopes, dreams, sadness, guilty, craziness, politic, sex, idiocracy, works, people, everything. Now, we still talk a lot, but by me ended up sulking and you feeling angry and hurt.

I remember,
we used to listen, and asked if we feel something is wrong. We believe in each other reasons and try to understand on each other decisions. Now, we make assumptions and resent.

If you be the Sun, i will be clouds and make you complete,
If you be the Moon, i will be the stars and keep you company,
If you be the Desert, i will be the wind and shape you into dune,
if you be the River, I will be the rock, so i can feel you brush into me.

In love, everybody hurts and live. I am human which perfections seems impossible and flaws here and there, If i am wrong, take my hand, and tell me where to correct. Being close to you sometimes make me forget when it is not OK to just do things my way. Deep inside me, i feel for you strongly, forgive me love for being stupid, but don't say you love me less on it. Because i am human, and i remember..

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