Thursday, January 28, 2010


I had a small family gathering last Sunday in Tg.Malim (my aunt house) to celebrate my uncle's and niece's birthday. Since my grandparents were there, I brought the kids and asked Mr.Boyfriend to tag along. Its been lovely, the foods are good and we joked and talked for long hours.
Since the next day is Monday, we left early around 8.00pm. On the way back, Mr. Boyfriend shocked me by saying that I don't appreciate him. I asked him what makes him thinks so. He said because when we go out seeing friends or family, I never pay attention to him. and sometimes, i just don't attend to his needs, like i don't cook breakfast for him anymore, I don't bring him coffee anymore and when he talks i fall asleep (actually this one is quite too much i think, but sometimes he tells the story so many times that i know it by words, so its not that i don't listen, i just do some thinking with close eyes.)
I think it's not fair for him to say that i don't appreciate him. Sometimes i just have so much in my head that I put other things first before him. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate him or totally ignore him. And there were some times that I put him first above other things. Like when he was sick with Chikunguya, or when he was down and missed Jeanie and John M or when he was blue. Maybe different people has different kind of way in showing their appreciation. But one thing for sure, I love him.and thats what really counts.

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