Friday, April 8, 2011

It Just Not My Day

Yesterday, I woke up and found out my hair wax is totally finished. Nada. And strangely enough my hair kind of weird that morning, it stand up like porcupines. So I guess it's gonna be a bad hair day for me. True enough, my colleague said I look like some kind of punk banshee, maybe if I have the weird kind of laugh then I'll be complete (no, I don't have weird laugh!)
So after a shocking discovery after bed, I try to make do with the hair, but nothings work. It becomes more worse on each attempt. I thought of wearing a head scarf or maybe a key but maybe it will be too much for my colleague. So I just live with the fact that I can look like a punk banshee once in a while.
My friend took this to prove how bad it looks on camera. 

Note: How your day goes?


  1. A hat maybe? Or hair band?

  2. hey u look good even with porcupine hair do! :) cool!!

  3. @jz : yeah maybe a hat is a good idea, but we are not allowed to wear a hat in the office
    @isaac : oh isaac, u r sweet

  4. I just cut my hair yesterday and my sis rebonded it this i look so awful...ahahhhhh!!!

  5. how it looks now? u have picture?

  6. @evon: thanks dear
    @ah siang: uncle, that is great idea, sure will do it