Monday, May 30, 2011

How I Met Your Father

Next month June I will be seeing Mr.BF's kids in S.Africa. I am pretty nervous. First of all, I know that it will be hard for them and second of all, I am worried that I might screwed up the vacation. Other than that, I am perfectly trying to be as in-compose as I can be. What if they dont like me, what if they expect me to be something I am not, what if they ask me HOW I MET their father.
Should I tell them that it's my flirtatious laugh that stole his attention. The way I laugh and pouted my lips talking to him, signaling that he cant get better than that. Should I terrified them by saying that it's my way of dressing that make him looked. The way that my body clinged to the very tight of swimming suit that I can find for the event. Or maybe I can make them cringe in self vomit by saying it's love at first sight. How we are fated in the circles of life to be just, a lover.
People say the easiest way to children heart is by being yourself and being honest. So maybe instead of telling them all the cheesiest stuff of how I met their father, I should just tell them that it just me that fancy him, from the start. It's the smile that I remembered, from the first time I ever met him. He didnt even knew I was existed. I fancy that smile that much that I forgot manners by asking stranger who he is.
It's his eyes that I can't forget that I keep looking for him the second time we were in the same place.
It's his charisma that I heard from other people so many times that make me wait for the time for him to know me to come.
Then he met me.
I knew we not so different the moment we talk. I knew that I can love him. I knew that he is right for me.
I might not be perfect but I will love him and his kids perfectly.
So, that is how I Met Your Father.