Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Will You Let Your Husband / Boyfriend to DRESS you? : 4th Day

Yesterday is all white, so today morning when I asked Mr.Bf what he prepared for me, he said all black. I think he started to feel the pressure of dressing me, ha ha that is exactly what I want (bemused).

Top : No Brand RM49.90 from Plaza Damas
Leggings : ROMP from ROMP Alpha Angle
Belt : No Brand RM15 from Times Square
Peep Toe Heels : Vincci RM59.90 from Vincci
Accessories : Armani Charm Bracelet gift from Idol Armani
No Brand Necklace from Times Square

The Verdict:
I love this look! It is quite safe actually, I always wear something like this, so maybe today he just copied one of my look.

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