Friday, May 20, 2011

Will You Let Your Husband / Boyfriend to DRESS you?

This week me and Mr.Bf are in the mood of dressing each other (actually it's more on the order from me). My purpose is to know how best he looks at me and how he likes me with. So, today is the first day and he choose for me this.

I just bought this dress two days back in Times Square. It is spaghetti strap dress comes in 2 lining with the inner is knee length short and the outer is ankle length. Because he wants it to be more formal for office, he choose this short cardigan to cover my shoulder and arms. This dress is quite see through so he choose netting stocking for me to wear inside and complete the look with the flower necklace.
The Verdict:
I never thought of wearing this dress as formal wear but it is quite nice, I think I look descent. The only thing is because this dress is long so people cant really see the net stockings so it is a bit overdressed. Overall, I think I will wear this again.

Note: wait for tomorrow looks!


  1. waiseh...lld dh bleh jd fashion show pas ni..hehehehe...=p

  2. Wah!It's quite interesting to do that once a while.

  3. @thomas: yeah u shud try it
    @uncle: we never know right