Monday, February 7, 2011

Malacca Trip 04-06.02.2011

We decided to go to Malacca for Chinese New Year!
I choose Malacca because it always make me nostalgic, not that it has anything to do with me but because Malacca is full of historical places, its like going back to a different time. Amazing, really.
Mr.BF training for F1
My colorful nails
Camwhore 1 - Ms smiley
Camwhore 2 - Ms Laughey
Jonker's Street
My brother and Dhia 
Damia sleeping 
Camwhore 3 - Ms Lippy 
Key, Dhia and Damia 
Malacca Street 
This shop remind me of my time in Taiping
Dhia and Damia during boat ride in Malacca River 
Mr Bf on the way up to St Paul Church 
On the Way to St Paul Church
the Ruined of St Paul Church 
I don't know what this thing called but you can see the whole Malacca from it, like a ring tower or something.
A Famosa 
the old train 
the old plane
Dhia getting sleepy