Friday, January 28, 2011

Is That the Way to "Get" Girl???

I received an email in my facebook from a guy named Lambert S**** today. He "accidentally" came across my profile somehow in "people you might be interested in". I got few emails like that before, well maybe few is not quite the word, I got hundreds of email like that before in my Imesh. Let me be frank, it freaking me out! What it trying to show? Seriously, for guys out there, do you think that by sending random email to girls, begging to take you as boyfriend / partner and eventually husband is going to work? (well maybe for desperate woman), but for me, that's way too cheap! What happen to "buy-you-a-drink-then-we-can-be-friend-first". Seriously Lambert, try to look to another direction, because I am N.O.T interested.
Anyway, here is the email. You guys be the judge whether this is the correct way to get a girl.

Lambert S****January 28, 2011 at 9.16am
Subject: hello
Hello, your profile appear on my interested list, and according to the subjection we matched, but i really don't know how this work, i want to give it a trial and see where it will leads to cause i am not always on face book please write me to my personal email stated below, so that we can correspond more better. lambert_s****

Pixie AlexJanuary 28, 2011 at 9:26am
Re: hello
I don't talk to stranger

Lambert S****January 28, 2011 at 9:34am
Re: hello
Hello Dear,
How you doing?Well let me say a few things about myself...I have been out of a relationship for after the sudden death of my wife and kid in an accident,I suffered heartbreak cause i was broken into pieces with the lost of my love once, and ever since I decided not to go into a relationship. Until my pains are heal and i tried to get into relationship last 2years but the woman and i was not having same directions of thought, that didnt work out well, i just started online, and your profile happens to show in my interested list, I am so happy and greatful for all , but i need you to give me the time and chance to get to explore mutual relationship with you that will lead to something great and lasting, Now I feel I should try to meet that special someone out there who could really be the one for me which is why I am on this site now i have found you. I need to know more about you, the priviledge is mine to explore with you and get to understand you. I want someone that will be sincere to me as I hate being lied to.Okay I like doing alot of things for fun like watching movies,listening to music, spending time with that special someone and more like my workline which gives me an opportunity to do alot of things.

Well My Job is to buy and sell Jewelry/Gem stone and also Antiques. I travel just to get suitable Gem stones/ jewelry to sell, which are well marketed in the UK/US./ASIA. I am looking forward in meeting you.

Note: not interested


  1. Pixie, I got something similar like that, but it's from a lady.

    I think this is an automated bot reply thing, not sure where it will end coz I was too lazy to continue replying after I realize she talks like a robot in a generic way.

  2. yeah i also think that it might be some software generated email or something like that. so annoying