Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do I Care?!?

I have this girl in my company that I kind of dislike. Actually she never did anything to me. But I guess all of us have someone that do nothing to us but we just dislike them for no reason. I hang out with her once and did few company events together. Maybe it's not quite true that I don't know why I dislike her. Maybe if I listed it down I wont feel so bad of having this feeling.
1. There's one time when we were having discussion and few people talked at the same time and she shouted and asked us to shut up. Why she had to shout, can't she just talk nicely?
2. In another training, I am in the same group with her. She talked a lot during the discussion and object every single suggestion that I make. But when it comes to presentation time, I asked her to speak because she object me so much, but she said "No, I don't have anything to say".
3. When first time I met Mr.BF, we were in the beach flirting with each other. Talking, sitting side by side, do what flirting people do, and she, out of nowhere, just settled next to Mr.BF try to hang to every conversation that we have. Duh???
4. During our company annual dinner, she followed Mr.BF to wherever he goes. Even our picture together, you can see that her hand somewhere try to get in the picture.
5. Last year when we have company trip, she joined my group of friends for some night out. We were all very sporting playing charade. And we asked her to join she simply said that she just want to watch. After five minutes she is the one who get excited and playing.
I think 5 is enough reasons to dislike someone. I know I act like small girl behaving this way, but do I care?
Anyway, last 5 months she resigned and today, she joined back the company. Erk!!


  1. and i know who is dat girl....errkk...=p

  2. hahahahha cepat je ko ye cik flo

  3. Oo. She doesn't sound very friendly. Why r u her friend again? :)

  4. haahhaha Dear Eyez,
    Im asking myself the same question