Monday, January 10, 2011

Every End / Early of the Month

My phone is pretty busy last week (early of the month) with calls and sms-es. Like always this time of the month I get so much 'attention' from my brothers and sisters, not to forget my mother. Normally the reasons of these 'attentions' are:
1. Mother - "My dear daughter, how are you? Anyway I just call to ask whether you bank in my money already. Okay take care yeah, say hi to your children"
Note - I don't mind because part of my responsibility.
2. Sister 1 - "Hey sis, I need your help, my car broke down, can you lend me some money?"
3. Brother 1 - "Hey sis, my salary is pretty late this month, can you give me first, later on I pay you back"
4. Brother 2 - "Hey....I have interview this week, I still didn't get my payment, can you loan me some money first, later when I have money I give you back"
5. Mother - "My dear daughter, your Brother 2 wants to go for interview, can you give him some money. If you don't help him, who else wants to help him. Please consider it okay. Love."
6. Sister 1 - "Hey sis, its me again. My budget kind of exceeding this month and I still didn't buy grocery, can I borrow you some, when I get my salary next month I pay you back"
7. Brother 2 - "Hey sis, I got the job, but the problem is I already finish my salary, and this new job the salary only out by end of the month, can you help me first?"
8. Sister 1 - "Hey sis, I want to let you know that Auntie 1 is having financial problem right now, can you see your budget and tell me whether you can help her out? Remember she helps us a lot when we are small"
9. Cousin 1 - "Hey dear cousin, your hand phone line can share the credit right, can you share with me 5 Ringgit? Love You."
10. Brother 3 - "Hey big sister, can you top up my credit? Anyway that day I saw you didn't use your Sony Ericsson phone, then give me la. What you say?"

Sigh...If every month continue like this I die lor.