Sunday, March 7, 2010

~ Day 3 : REVEALation ~

we share our heart

"Stranger is just someone we don't know yet"

We are all strangers before we know each other. I rather share than not knowing about him. Even the small details maybe big in other's eye. Day 3 is about revelation of myself to him. Just considering myself as his total stranger. I started out by sending him sms of my life secret every hour. Something simple yet differentiate myself from others. Maybe it is a small little secret, but we don't know how much different it will make when we share.
It's been 12 hours of sharing these little secret of mine starting from 8am till 8pm. Then I asked him to come to the Sport's Bar Bangsar and acted like a total stranger. He is a good actor too I must say, he came in and sat at a different table (cute), then I asked the bartender to send him a glass of wine, complimentary from the lady come with the invitation for him to join my table. Pity that bartender who like blur blur how come this lady can ask a total stranger to join her, gwailo some more. If he knows..
After introduced his name, he talked about himself and we laughed and tell stories. Feel like the first time I met him. Anyway, day 3 worked so well. and thanks to my friend Kaveh that willing to involve in this total act.

"how can I be a mess when I have your eyes as green as meadow,
How can I be lost when I have your skin as fair as light,
and how can I be poor when I have your hair shining as gold,
I said I am small but then I have your arms to shield me,
I said I am blue but then I have your laugh that give me garden,
I said I am lonely but I have your heart to pair mine,
and How can I said I don't have enough?"

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