Wednesday, August 10, 2011

South Africa Vacation!

I went to South Africa last June, for two weeks vacation and to meet family. We flew there using Malaysia Airlines (bought the ticket at promotion price which is about 50% off!, normal price is around RM6,000 something), it took about 10 hours 30mins to reach OR Tambo Airport, Johannesburg. The weather is nice and cold with breeze. South Africa surprises me in a way that the people are friendly and full of colors. They are lots of ethnics there. White, Black, Colored, Asian, Indian etc. It is not so uncommon to see people dancing and singing while doing their work together, especially among the Black that love singing and dancing. Public place is clean, food is nice and services are great. I will definitely go there again. So, I will let the picture do the talking!

Thatch roof is famous here

In the Gautrain from the airport to Sandtone, the train fare is about R120.00 which is around RM50 something here, but the service is great!

Church in Potchesfroom, on our way to Pretoria at 6.00 in the morning

Orange tree in Mr.Bf brother's "huis" (home in Afrikaans)

This socks is doing me great favor keeping me warm

moi, in Bakubung Game Reserve, Pilanersberg

One of the lake in the game reserve


We met groups of elephant with baby!

In Parys, which is a small town in Johannesburg

I am holding Lion cub! in Lion's Farm in Klerksdorp

Cheetah with leg of cow

Juvenille lion that keep on following us

Mr.Bf and JJ with Lion's cub

The kids playing baseball in Klerksdorp

Mr.Bf's pa in Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Capetown

Stellenbosch, Capetown

With Aunt Maureen in one of the cafe in Stellenbosch

This house used to be Mr.Bf grandfather's house


  1. Looks like a very nice trip,
    love the game reserve,
    just curious,how's the economy after ANC took over.

  2. it is good, ANC policy is very good