Saturday, August 13, 2011

I ate CAT pill (and Turning into Catwoman???)

Few weeks before, I was down with fever, my whole face was swollen because of Sinusitis and flu make it worse.

my swollen face was something like this minus the smile

The first day that I got it, I just want to get rid of the flu, so I check the medical supply that we have at home. After few minutes ransacking it, I found one pill with "flu" written on the package. Without even thinking I gulped it down.

this is the pill

When Mr.BF came back that evening, I asked him about the pill and show him. To my surprise, it was our previous cat, de La Rey's pill (he died because of skin disease, and that pill is for that!). Maybe our maid wrongly slot in the pill in the package. I am so scared that it will change me. If I change into some sexy feline like catwoman will be good, but what if I change into something hairy? Goodness no! After few days of waiting, I felt better but the thought of eating that pill, is scary! Totally...


p/s: what is the weirdest medication that you ever took?

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