Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bloody Mess Accident

On my third day in South Africa, I was still trying to adjust to the weather, making me looked like a mess in the process. The weather is so cold, my skin was dry and scaly. All lotion that I put, ended up as one layer of powder over my skin. I think probably because the pH was wrong. Maybe next time I buy the lotion there. My lips was cracking up and my face grew few pimples, so the least I can do is put on make up and maybe trim my eyebrows?
So that morning, I took a very hot shower, put on my best clothes (we are going to Pilanesberg, a game reserve!), starting to put moisturizer on my face and ready with the trimmer. It's already 8.00 in the morning and Mr.Bf and the kids were in his brother's (Mauritz) next door, so basically I am late for breakfast. As I was trying to take off the cap of the trimmer, I wont go off, so I tried and tried and finally put a strong force on it to take it off. And zap! I saw the bone on my finger as it cut open! I was in shocked and the pain was not registered yet in my head. So, I stand there and thought to myself, maybe I should finish with my make up! (Mr.Bf called me vain, now I know why). Then I saw blood, dripping like crazy. So finishing make up totally out of question. I rushed to Mauritz's and knocked the door. It was locked. I knocked and knocked and Mauritz opened it.
I said, I am sorry, can you help me?
Mauritz probably didn't hear me and told me its okay breakfast still on the table.
Then I told him, No, help me my finger is bleeding!
Then he saw the cut, ushered me to the table, washed his hand and clean my wound, asked Mr.Bf to get ready and we drove to the hospital.
It was Sunday, we have to call the doctor (he was having breakfast)
The doctor was really sweet, came with his jeans and Tee, and he told me its a wrong place to commit suicide, yeah right! He gave me three stitches and the rest of it just went well. It cost us (Mr.Bf actually, he sweet enough to pay) R1200 which is around RM600! Well, lesson learned, never got into accident in S.Africa. It is freaken' expensive! Now the wound is totally healed but I still have post traumatic syndrome when I saw knife or anything like that. Any idea how to overcome this?

p/s: Didn't trim my eyebrows for almost 2 months now, if you ever saw a girl with bushy eyebrows, let just pretend it is not me, okay?

After the doctor gave me "the three stitches". They didn't clean the blood! It was my first time having stitches so now I am considered MACHO! he he

After a week

After 2 weeks, Mr.Bf removed the stitches then

Note: wait for my S.African trip reviews tomorrow!

Pixie signing out!


  1. geli nye kak yong tgk jahit tu ... erk?

  2. mestila tengok, rasa nak pengsan!

  3. That's a bad time to get injured,
    hope the trip ends up ok
    despite the weather change.