Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To Love You..Is My Only Dream But To Be Loved Back By You..Is My Achievement

Today marked 3 years of Me & Mr.Bf together.

In words of Cecilia Ahern, Author of p/s: I love You;

“She was a woman who made mistakes, who sometimes cried on a Monday morning or at night alone in bed. She was a woman who often became bored with her life and found it hard to get up for work in the morning. She was a woman who more often than not had a bad hair day, who looked in the mirror and wondered why she couldn't just drag herself to the gym more often; she was a woman who sometimes questioned what reason had she to live on this planet. She was a woman who sometimes just got things wrong. On the other hand, she was a woman with a million happy memories, who knew what it was like to experience true love and who was ready to experience more life, more love and make new memories.”

To My baby; 
Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.