Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Birthday is on 26th this Month...

Purpose of having this title is to ask you people to prepare for my birthday present! Compulsory. 

Mr.Bf asked me that day what I want for my birthday, actually I like if he can surprise me a bit but you know guys and gift, they don't get along! So its better that I tell him what I want. Does it make me vain? Yes for sure but i rather be vain that be fake.

So Mr.Bf take notes okay! 

First of all I want flowers. Roses specifically. Not necessarily have to be extravagant, one is also okay as long as it is from you.

Then I want this out fit, the whole of it. Take notes on the details (button white shirt, fitted blue jeans, red stilettos) 

Then I want to have steak. (romantic dinner), because you want it to be close to our house so I chose Tony Roma's.

So, that's about it. We'll see whether he take notes when I blog about it later. Lol!

Note: I am serious about you guys giving me gift.