Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ferocious Looking Goth! (Facebook Profile Pictures Story)

I was editing my facebook profile yesterday when I came across few weird looking and noticeable profile picture and here are a few that is worth a laugh at myself.

Goth - I found lots of female that love this kind of pose but mostly teenagers (in my defense, I am teenager at heart), maybe I should send this picture to the producer of Twilight to see whether I am qualified as one of the vamp. This was taken with web cam, we just bought the web cam and I tried it.

My sister (pixie hair) just completed her police training when we took this picture, see how short her hair was. But I love her look, she looked sexy.

This was taken on the boat ride in Malacca River, the boy next to me had sea sickness (maybe river sickness in this case) and vomited all over the seat, nearly missed my feet.

This was taken in Sports Bar, Bangsar when I did Seven Days of Love Mission for Mr.BF. We acted like we  were a complete stranger that try to pick up each other. It was memorable and if I have to do it all over again in my life, I will still choose him.

This was the first time I curled my hair, some say I look better with curly hair but I hated it, it aged me up! This was taken during Halloween Party in my friend's the Art Cafe, SS2 PJ

 This picture was taken in my friend's house BBQ party. We were playing charade and I'm waiting for my turn.

 Me and Mr.Bf during the Seven Days of Love Mission in Sport's Bar, Bangsar

This picture was taken after I gave birth to my second girl and I got a haircut and new look for post pregnancy look. (You dont want to now how I look when I was pregnant, even Hantu Kak Limah looks better)

 This was taken during my company annual diiner. The team was Wil Wild West and I was the Zorro Girl

 Camwhoring at home. There were a few people that thought I am shemale because of this picture, LOL!

My sister said I looked like Ah So when I had this curly hair.

I love my hair this time, I think bob really suits me

 This was the worst period in my life, partying hard almost every night. Thank god I passed it.

This is another picture that so called Gothic look. For whatever it means, haha. This picture was taken when I just moved to a new condo in Setapak.

This picture was taken in one of the Bistro in Malacca. It's my first time visiting Malacca after 16 years. It is amazing! The state minister Ali Rustam, just passed by for his town visit.

This was taken also after I gave birth to my second child. 

Looking back at all these picture sometimes make me reminisce about how a big step happening in my life and I am glad for whatever move I took.

p/s: what is your profile picture looks like?

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