Friday, December 17, 2010

Woman, Hold Your Chin Up High!

I watched the First Wives Club the other night, story about three women that being left by the husbands for younger women. It is hilarious but then the message that they try to send to people is noble.
Woman born with few things "advance" than man, we blessed with two assets compare to man, we live longer than man, we experience childbirth, multiple orgasms etc etc etc. But once we being dumped by "the Man", we become self-loathing, we stop feeling good, we blame ourselves! For what? Are they going to come back to us when we demoting ourselves like that?

I have lots of divorce cases in my family, I myself is a divorcee. I understand feeling useless and lonely. Few times I feel like taking revenge, and there are times that I threw my pride and dignity in self hatred to show how miserable I am so that they learned a lesson. But believe me, the universe doesn't work out that way.
There's nothing you can gain by crying and blaming yourself. Instead, make yourself happy. Happiness is just the state of mind. You don't need other people to make you happy. If working make you happy, be career oriented, if dressing up, looking good, feeling sexy make you feel happy, then go out, meet people, talk about your problems and how you handling it. As soon as you can remember, the people that put you in this wrecked situation will regret it. But You, you gain respect, you are happy and for most you are BETTER.

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