Monday, November 30, 2009

Reasons To Love You

It’s the fact that I learned few years before, MIND can do wonders.

I watched you while you were sleeping last night; so peaceful and deep. I can't think of a moment that I don't want to kiss you. Maybe few times when we fight, (there’s one time I feel like smacking your head when you don’t understand me, or maybe few times I feel like shouting at your ears when you don’t seem to listen or maybe there’s a time I feel like using fast forward button on you to make you move faster) but other than that, your face soothes me. Sometimes, I feel restless and worried, and the sight of you calms me down. I know it sounds crazy, but love is crazy.

You know, I don't know why I love u. There must be a reason to love someone. But I don’t know mine. I make lists on it based on normal reasons that make people love someone, but it only goes like this;

Reasons that I Love You:

1. Good looking – hmmm you’re but it’s not because of your face that I love you. Because you frown so much that your face makes this really funnily cute expression. But it does make me smile every time thinking the way your face frown. It’s so you! And when you thinking about something, your face looks so distant from the world, like it lost in its own world and it always make me tempting to run my fingers on your hair, just to bring you back to the world.

2. Good at heart – You have extremely good heart, I can’t deny it. But it’s not quite a reason for me to love you. Because sometimes I know that you just ignore being good and choose being practical or technical (the way you always say it). And anyway, for a guy, you’re quite emotional (don’t hate me coz I say it here). I catch you cry few times watching movies, but it just make my heart feel closer to you. I know life is hard, but the way you teach me facing it, make me somehow embracing it.

3. Good Cook – yes ermmm pasta, barbecue, the things that you always do with left over fish, pasta, barbecue, pasta (didn’t I mention it just now?) You know, the day my maid asked to be sent home, I was crying on the bed, and you bring me supper, that was really sweet and touched my heart. Even I cooked it, but you served me. That is why they put handsome guy as waiter rather than chef, I guess.

4. Can Sing, Can Dance – oh my….don’t let me start. But it thought me something. To just let go of the fears and enjoy.

5. Rich – What?!! What a shallow reason.

6. Romantic – You’re too technical to be romantic, and romantic guy bore me out. But I like it when you write me poems and sing me lullabies and buy me flowers and showered me and give me massages. Gosh…I don’t know that you’re romantic. J

7. Famous – Who are you again?!!?

8. James Bond – Ha Ha as much as I know how you wish you are him, but I’m sorry love, he is too suave to be true.

9. Powerful – I beat you on games few times!!!!

Oh barnacles, not even one suit to be the reason I Love You! What if people ask me, why I love you. What should I say?!!! I should keep on thinking about it tonight before sleep.

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