Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~ ~ fool in love ~ ~

What is it like to fall in love. it the funny feeling on my tummy?
its like something flying inside (now i understand why they say butterfly in your stomach), the way its churning.urghhhh difficult.

2.or maybe the way i smile myself stupid everytime i think of him.
today while i skyped him, there is this stupid smile plastered all over my face and when i realized about it, i feel so embarrased even to myself, why am i smiling like that, its so goofy.errrr...crazy.

3.the way my heart beating when i see him, receive his calls or texts.
its like im having a nervous breakdown, im breathless and sweating and keep on looking at mirror to check on myself (it just sms, he cant even see me) and make this cute face on mirror so he will think im cute. goodness....

4.Start to learn new language
oh yeah and its afrikaans, i even try to pronouns it either, i think in another two months my tongue will tied up in a weird way.

5.Be good to other feline
i hate cat, and they hate me. but he loves them.
ahhh it just cat, i can try to love them, (what about the fur?!??) dont mind about it, it will not kill me, havent i heard the saying tht things that cant kill you, will make you stronger?

All these new things inside me, they excite me, give me reasons to wake up in the morning and put stars on my eyes. So love, how stupid you are, how funny it seems or how weird i may look like because of u, thanks coz now i am better.

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  1. Happy birthday beautiful, cuti, sexy, flower, sunshine, spring, autumn, strawberry, spice.
    from you boyfriend