Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If Words Can Describe Everything (Being Unmotivated)

I just realized that the last time I pay a visit to this blog is 3 months ago! Whatever happened between that only God knows! As I recall, I went to Cape Town, went for driving test and fail, went to some sort of a state (lazy and messy) and the list can go on and on.

Sigh...there is so much to do and no energy to do. I need to loose some weight already! People nowadays offer me a sit in a train because they think I'm pregnant! Not that I'm complaining as the train is always make me dizzy. But anyway, that is to describe my state of "love, care & devotion" to food!

So, how are you guys in these past three months? Care for some chit chat? I will try to come back for this blog as much as I can after this.. (promises promises). But do remember, from the words of an Anonymous, "Out of sight, out of mind!". Hehe.. Till then take care and be true to yourself!!


This picture got nothing to do with feeling unmotivated, but recently I've been talking to Mr.Bf that I like fine hair, it looks sexy. I didn't realize that I got fine hairs too! Am I considered sexy then? Just a thought!

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