Monday, October 11, 2010

Cheese can make your BREAST smelly

The Situation
This morning, I packed up a slice of cheese to eat at work. In the car, I showed it to Mr. Bf. Then he said, "Do you know that cheese can make your BREAST smelly?"
I was astounded, then I asked, "How do you know? Can you smell it?"
He gave me a very strange look. Then he asked, "Did you eat it already?"
I said no.

How My Mind Works
I quiet then, and have a deep thinking. I was try to recall any event that my breast might be smelly (I love cheese!). And being me, I will always try to reason with anything. Then my mind give me this explanation that maybe because cheese is made from milk, and breast also produce milk, so these two don't match up, thats why if you eat cheese, your breast might be smelly.

Truth Kick Off (Finally)
After about 5 minutes of deep thought, my sanity finally kicks in and I asked MR.BF again. "Are you sure that  Cheese can make BREAST smelly?"
He said, "WHAT?"
and it turns out that he was talking about BREATH!!!

my hearing is deteriorating by days....goodness!


  1. Oh my gosh this made me laugh so hard LOL.

  2. For a moment I thought he did actually say breast and this was all a plot to get you to take off your top haha.

  3. hahhaha, see that's a typical man brain you got there!

  4. wahlau eh..... My brain was thinking 18SX at 2nd paragraph :P

  5. iwa? since when berblog plak budak ni?