Monday, September 27, 2010

How do you know that your friend is sincere or just fake

Everytime Mr. Bf and I hang out with this particular friend of us, I ended up feeling angry. Not for particular reason. Just feeling annoyed and angry but not quite approriate to share it with him. Few times it happen I am just ignoring it. Thinking that maybe it is me that trying to make it big issue. But finally, last week during my birthday party I realized that this friend of us really has issue with me.

It is funny somehow. In my mind, friend supposed to make you feel good about yourself. Even when they are discriminating you, you know that they mean well. But some "friends" they act like they are the best you can ever get, they never fail to turn up for every party of yours but yet in every party of yours they make sure they pinch you painful enough you will remember until the next one.

For whoever it is, I always forgiving. But one thing about me, you pinch me once, i will not pinch you back, but next time someone else pinch you, I will be ready with my salt pot.for you.


  1. Perhaps your definition is different from mine, but to me a friend is simply someone you like and enjoy being around who feels the same way.

  2. yeah exactly, but some people have just talent to hurt other people casually.

  3. Indeed, but they're usually called parents. O.o