Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sicko Sicko

After Mr.BF came back from Australia, he is down with tonsillitis. I try everything that i ever known such as using the blue dyed for cloth mix with vinegar, herbs and soup but he hasn't shown any improvement. Few days back I suggest that he take a rest in the hospital. Better care and nobody there to disturb him. But he, being hard headed always say NO to my suggestion. This morning, after zillion nags and persuasion from me, he said "HE THINKS", mark the word "he thinks", (after zillion nags and persuasion from me, he finally "thinks", sigh...) its better for him to be in the hospital. I have to grit my teeth from saying "I told you so!". Therefore, I hope he will get well soon, don't like to spend my after hours alone. Alright, thats all for now, need to rush to the hospital and visit him.
So, later days...

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