Monday, May 31, 2010

I Hate Monday

i try to clear up my mailbox today when i found box of email that i ever sent to Mr.BF, would like to share with you guys.

17.08.2009 @ 1.48pm

Oh baby….
I don’t know why I feel so down today. Everything seems so wrong.

1.I have a bad hair day.
2.My bra seems so big and I keep on adjusting it, pants feel so tight I cant breath, shirt seems so low I keep on checking whether my breast are exposed (since my bra so big I can see my breast)
5.I just had the fried rice and because im so hungry I eat it quickly while its hot. So it burns my tongue now it feels numb.
6.The computer is so slow.
7.the printer cant print
8.I cant find two files already, I don’t remember where I put it I know it here it just that I cant remember where the hell they are
9.Because I have seafood fried rice now all my face feel itchy…somehow...Dont remember I have eczema or any face allergy, but think my face somehow swollen now.
10.On top of everything, I miss u like crazy I don’t know why.

So that’s about it…..ahhhhhhhhhhh I hate feeling down especially on Monday. Now I feel like Garfield.


  1. nice blog, thk for sharing
    nice to meet u ;-)

  2. @yoga tramp: thanks for visiting, keep in touch. i'll follow you.