Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4 Years!!! Are we Awesome Or What?

I love Labor Day!

First of all, because it's public holiday and second of all because it's PUBLIC HOLIDAY! I've been so stressed out at work recently I need a lay off.

Another reason to love Labor Day is, it's a day before my anniversary with John. Couldn't believe that we've been together for four freaken' awesome years! I am astounded at my level of loyalties with this man. Ok Ok I admit you caught me eyeing some other guys on the magazine few times, or ogling at Johnny Depp picture with my jaw dropped oftentimes. But I love this man (John to be precise), he make me feel that I belong somewhere.

I better stop now before you guys vomit blood with all these gooey details of my love life. Till next time, Happy Labor Day!

p/s: There's no better way to spend your day off sprawling in front of tv with a nice beer!


Aren't we perfect for each other?! :)


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